Welcome to the Harv Toback Scholarship fund for the arts

Harv's Story

Harvard Toback was an Artist, Creative Director during the Golden Age of Advertising, and an Art Gallery Curator who lived in New York City from 1929 until his passing in 2017. In his final years, Harv was finally able to fulfill his lifelong dream of starting an art gallery, not once but twice. The first was an intimate, 500 square foot space in the Chelsea neighborhood of NYC. He had an open door policy for any artist to come in and present their work to him. Many of the artists featured at the shows would end up hanging their art for the first time at his gallery. After the gallery closed, he became ill with kidney disease, and began dialysis treatment. During his time as a patient, he began an art gallery at his dialysis center, which allowed the patients and staff to showcase their art. 

Harv had a passion, not just for creating art, but for encouraging others to express themselves through art. The Gallery at Fresenius Kidney Care grew to exhibit the work of the patients, doctors, nurses and medical staff on 5 walls of the Dialysis unit's waiting area.  

Luckily, Harv was able to see a first cut of his documentary shortly before he passed. Even towards the end and experiencing some physical pain, it brought a smile to his face knowing that his legacy will live on through "The Harv Toback Scholarship Fund for the Arts." Every artist living with an illness or disability should still be able to express themselves through their art, and this fund aims to make that a reality for many artists for years to come.


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